Overview of Pipe Drafting and Design

In the design of an industrial facility, engineers
develop process flow sheets, set up project specifications
and design or select equipment. The design drafters use
the information supplied by engineers and equipment
vendors and applies the knowledge and experience
gained in the office and field to design and layout the
In the design and layout of an industrial complex,
thousands of piping drawings are needed to provide
detailed information to the craftsmen who will construct
the facility. Facility design and layout must meet the customer’s
expectations as well as comply with safety codes,
government standards, client specifications, budget, and
start-up date. The piping group has the main responsibility for the
design and layout of the facility. Drafters and designers
must coordinate their efforts with the civil, structural,
electrical, and instrumentation groups throughout the
design process. The piping group must provide each
design group the necessary information needed to complete
their part of the project and have the complete set of
plan and construction drawings finished on time. During
this time, it may be necessary for designers to visit the
plant construction site to establish tie-ins or verify information
necessary to complete the design.