Piping Engineering Leadership for Process Plant Projects by James O. Pennock

There are many books already on the market that address all the purely technical and mechanical aspects of the piping engineering and design profession (piping). There is also a long list of codes and standards that form the "rules" that govern the piping industry. This book is not about these technical aspects of piping nor is it intended to compete with or contradict any of these fine works. In fact, I have a number of these books in my personal library. I have found the need to refer to them on a regular basis during the course of my work. I also have used many of them as text or reference material when I teach the various entry levels and intermediate level design training classes. This book is also not about piping department management. There is no doubt that department management is complex, and the issues there are very important. Some department issues may even be similar to issues discussed in this book. However, I will leave any discussion of the department management area to others.

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