Equipment shall be modeled to the latest data sheets using Parametrics whenever possible. If a suitable Equipment form is not available for a particular item of equipment, then modeling shall be performed using primitives or user defined shapes (JGC customized shapes).

Do not use primitive nozzles on the Start equipment form, as these will not report correctly. All equipment nozzles should be placed with Nozzle Manipulation.

The following items should be considered when modeling equipment:

• The level of detailing of vendor packaged units and other complicated items must be sufficient to satisfy clash requirements.

• Meet all the requirements for interference detection, including access, maintenance, safety and construction envelopes.

• Ensure equipment is recognizable for Design Review.

• Always put in a description of the equipment (equip_descr_1)

• Always put in source of information used, revision status, and date under equip_descr_2.

• Always put in the largest thickness for shell thickness when given multiple thickness.

• Always put in insulation/fireproofing requirements.

• Always try to place equipment by the placement point it is located by on the plot plan.

• Every piece of equipment should have a minimum of one datum point.

• Add datum points when required for aiding nozzle placement.

• Add all nozzles, access openings, sleeves and manways.

• Always put in nozzle service.

• Nozzle length should be face of flange to center of vessel or face of flange to tan line.

• Add all vessel davits.
• Add all vessel platforms and handrails.

• Build all equipment shown in the equipment list for your area.

• Make a ‘hold list’ for your area with any equipment on hold or for which you are lacking information and update it when necessary.