Materials Management software

MARIAN™ Overview


MARIAN™ is a materials management and administration system for process plants. Its main applications are in design, engineering and construction of processing plants for the chemical, pharmaceutical and mineral oil industries, and for industrial pipeline construction and power plant construction. MARIAN supports materials management for all disciplines, including piping (and pipe supports), instrumentation, and structural steel equipment (such as vessels).
MARIAN provides continuous support for all processing stages of project management. This support includes the pre-project phase of parts and standards specification, design and financial planning, definition of material requirements, procurement and scheduling, pre-fabrication and installation as well as deadline and cost tracking.

Database and Application
The materials management system MARIAN consists of the database (tables) and the application (screens and lists). Users communicate with the database interactively in the application screens. The SQL database language can be used to access database tables from outside the application for the purpose of obtaining information. It should never be used to
modify data. The database system organizes associated data in tables, consisting of rows and
columns. A column has a fixed data type and name. A row consists of several named columns, or fields, which together constitute a data record. MARIAN screens display database table contents structured according to the function of the data. Each displayed data record shows a complete or partial row from the associated table, and may contain fixed values, that is, text that is not in the tables. Data from different tables are shown in separate blocks. Changes made in a block on a screen are saved in the corresponding database table. MARIAN screens, menus, data fields, command line, toolbar, and key sequences make working in MARIAN easy for users.


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