Contract managment software

Microsoft Dynamics™ SL

Streamline time-consuming contract management tasks and increase the productivity of subcontractor interactions for even the most complex projects. By improving control over change orders, document tracking, and subcontractor disbursements, you can help ensure timely completion, enhance cash flow, and boost project profitability.

Manage Contract
documents, change orders, and disbursements to
optimize project cash
flow and profitability.

Control subcontractor
payments, lien waivers, and
pay-when-paid subcontracts.


Effectively manage subcontract agreements

Create and track agreements from the pending stage through commitment, then manage subcontractor performance by linking payments to the achievement of contractual commitments, including on-time document submittals.

Boost productivity

Increase the profitability of project work and change orders by reviewing budgets, margin, and schedule impacts before work proceeds or changes are approved.

Streamline change order approval and tracking

View, track, and approve change orders easily to help eliminate delays, reduce the risk of miscommunication or unauthorized work, and more quickly turn change orders into billable tasks.

Take control of documentation

Keep on top of compliance documents, drawings, permits, proof of insurance submittals, performance bonds, and other important documents to help prevent lost, late, incomplete, or missing paperwork including tailoring of payment controls for subcontractors based on their insurance policy expirations.

Stay on schedule with automated alerts

Receive prompts about unapproved change orders and pending deadlines for document submittals.