Earn money with Bidvertiser

If you are spend a considerable amount of time trying to make money online I’m sure you have heard that it is important to find different ways to monetize your web site or blog. If you are heavily relying on Adsense then you might consider another great alternative PPC ( Pay Per Click ) service like BidVertiser.


* Biggest Advantage for small publishers is the low payout level of 10$. And the payment is done instantly via Paypal. For publishers with small traffic who are waiting for that magic 100$ mark in Adsense this can be a really big benefit.
* Highest Bidders always displayed first in your web site. The great thing about this is you are bound to make the most for your clicks and site targeted ads are not so common in Bidvertiser , but its a big headache in Adsense.
* Ad filtering - Well this is available in Adsense as well but as far as I know its limited to 200 sites. I didn’t see such a limit in Bidvertiser and the ads were listed in the order of max bid so you can reject the ads easily.
* Color Palettes - Bidvertiser had more default color palettes available than Adsense and the changing the colors and etc was pretty easy.
* If you are an advertiser and bit reluctant to try the new service there giving a small incentive for you to try out the service , $20 in FREE Clicks for everyone from BidVertiser - Click Here! , well if something is free its always good to give it a try


* One problem is they don’t have the big number of advertisers as Google ,so in some niches ads can be bit hart to find

Because of the lower pay out level and the max bidders getting displayed alwasy this could be a great way to monetize your web site especilly if you are not making much from Adsense. As every monetization method testing is the best way to go about it.Join BidVertiser now to start making money from your blog. If you are already using Bidvertiser feel free to share your thought about the service and the earnings

Give it a try!